About Me

A graduate of Boston University’s College of Communication, I earned my degree in Journalism with a focus in Broadcasting and a concentration in International Relations.

Since graduating, I have worked at WFXT-TV Boston 25 as a Digital Content Producer. At Boston 25, I’ve been responsible for creating written content for the digital side of our station through writing original news stories on a number of topics either sent in to our assignment desk or thought up by myself and/or my department. I also handle on-air scripts sent in by our reporters/anchors and am tasked with making those stories for TV into suitable content for our online presence.

A member of our Digital Team, I am also tasked with running a large portion of our social media, including having major presences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. My job description also includes the upkeep and management of our station’s website – including in our news app and through over-the-top apps on services like Roku, Amazon Firestick and AppleTV.

The Digital Team also is charged with coordinating and publishing our station’s live streams on both our website and our social media.

At Boston 25 I serve as an online writer, a copy editor, a digital manager, a social media coordinator and a multimedia editor all under the title of Digital Content Producer.

Joining The Boston Globe in December 2016, I was responsible for covering all of Massachusetts boy’s high school hockey with one other correspondent. The two of us were responsible for traveling to a number of games across the state per week and crafting concise, informative, and captivating game stories.

Additionally, we also produced a weekly, long-form feature piece that both focused on a specific storyline from the current high school hockey season as well as previewed the upcoming week of games. We were also responsible for crafting the Globe’s weekly Top 20 rankings of the best teams in the state. I also was the sole beat writer for boy’s and girl’s rugby in Spring 2017 and 2018.

When I was in college, I worked for two on-campus media outlets. At our university’s radio station, WTBU, I had a multitude of responsibilities ranging from reporting to editing to commentating.

As a senior, I was the Sports Director for WTBU and was in charge of organizing, editing and overseeing our outlet’s sports coverage for the 2017-2018 year. Working as a beat reporter for men’s hockey, soccer, and basketball, as well as women’s softball during my three years with WTBU, I learned valuable and useful interviewing skills along with the ability to synthesize long quotes into short lines for my pieces.

In addition to writing game previews and post-game write-ups, I also worked on a weekly radio show for WTBU as well as broadcasting a number of Terrier sporting events on Comm. Ave, including hockey, soccer, basketball, and softball. I also ran a podcast, This Week in Hockey East, that is run through WTBU.

At the other on-campus outlet, The Daily Free Press, I wrote a weekly sports column that ranged from 800-1200 words during my first three years at BU.

I can effectively and creatively engage my audience, as well as use social media and other computer softwares to both create written and/or photographic forms of media. My extensive knowledge of both content management services and Microsoft Office has given me the groundwork to create numerous pieces of print and visual journalism, which can be seen repeatedly in my work samples. I can efficiently use programs such as Final Cut Pro, Adobe Audition, Adobe Spark Page and Photoshop to create crisp, relevant and interactive pieces of journalism.